Q. I have never been to a wine tasting before and I don’t know much about wine, will I be OK?

A. Yes, absolutely! It’s our job to make you feel comfortable, get confident with wines/spirits and have a fun event. Our opening line “There are no daft questions, please ask away”. By the end of the evening you will be sipping like a pro!


Q. Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

A. No dress code – whatever you feel comfortable in.


Q. Can I attend a tasting by myself? 

A. Yes, it will be great to meet you, please do come along! You will be made very welcome. Every session has a mixture of individuals, couples and small groups making for an engaging atmosphere.


Q. How many wines or spirits will I taste?

A. At least 6.


Q. How many people will be on the course?

A. Between 10 and 30 like-minded people. The actual number will vary week to week.


Q. Will I be able to buy wine or spirits at the end of the night?

A. No, we don’t sell wine or spirits.


Q. Where do you get your wine from?

A. Affordable and Accessible! That’s what we aim for. So, if you love the wines we show, you are able to purchase them too! We try to source our bottles from a variety of places; local independents, major high street supermarkets, wine/spirit shops, showing a range that represent the best style and value. Prices range from £5 to £25. 


Q. Could you organise an event at my home/work?

A. Yes, we’d love to host an event for you. We do lots of private and corporate tastings at various locations. It can either be at a venue of your choice or we can find one for you. Get in touch if you would like a specific quote.


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